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  • It truly changed me. It made me more confident and daring.
    Silvie Vale, Communications consultant

  • This has been the most important and useful learning experience in my 16 years of education.
    Course participant

  • I followed the process and we got a very innovative idea – It actually got patented.
    Anders Baek, Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Within a week my brain was totally reconfigured.
    Course participant

  • I have learned to approach my professional field much differently and in a more playful way.
    Kamilla Rasmussen, Marketing consultant

  • I realised that, if I want, I can produce 200 ideas to solve a single problem.
    Fabrizio Negretti, Course participant


“My passion and expertise are to help educators and managers across all domains to design serious, inspiring and playful training that develops creative skills at all levels of education and for all types of private and public organisations”

Curious Researcher

Christian Byrge is a full professor in creativity as well as an associate professor in business creativity. He achieved his PhD degree for his research on enhancing creativity in education as well as in companies and public institutions. He has published several research papers and books on how to nurture creativity and is a member of the editorial boards for relevant journals such as Journal of Creative Behavior, Journal of Thinking Skills and Creativity, Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation as well as Journal of Business Models.

Creativity Expert

Christian has been designing creativity modules, courses and programs in primary school, secondary school, youth education as well as in higher education and professional education. This includes the development of a novel bachelor program on Creativity & Business Innovation and a master level program on Creative Genius (probably the most ambitious creativity training program in the world). Christian has invented several creativity toolkits that have been taught to more than 100.000 professionals worldwide.

Passionate Speaker

Christian regularly gives inspiring and energetic keynote speeches, gives lectures, teaches courses, facilitate workshops and does counselling on how to nurture the individual, team and organisational creativity. He typically presents subjects like how to teach creativity, how to perform deliberate practice of creativity, how to design creativity training exercises as well as how to assess creative potential and creative production. Christian also advises on how to develop organisational creativity and facilitate creative processes.


Want to enter the next level?




focus on solving everyday tasks more creative

User-centric creativity

Advanced team creative process methods

Systematic evaluation of creative output

focus on Ideas that better meet user needS

Domain creativity

advanced individual creativity approaches

Interconnected individual and team creativity

Open and curious team culture

systematic evaluation of creative skills

focus on creating novel breakthrough solutions


Creativity as a second nature

Procedures for implementing novel ideas

strong creative perseverance and persuasion

focus on setting new cross-industry standards

Find my full list of publications on OrcId.org
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Creativity Toolkits & Works

From me to you

How To Teach Creativity (printed book, Kindle, Apple Books)

This book will help you kickstart creativity teaching in a systematic and holistic way. It provides a comprehensive hands-on practical introduction on how to teach creativity in all kinds of education, in all kinds of subjects and at all levels of education. The book goes way beyond the traditional simple methods and techniques for designing and facilitating creative processes and workshops. With this book you can:

  • Design creativity as a course on its own.
  • Integrate creativity teaching into existing subjects.
  • Prepare assignments and activities that foster creativity.
  • Practise individual and team creative process work. 
  • Develop creative learning environments.
  • Perform holistic evaluations of creativity.
  • Advance creativity so that it becomes second nature.

Buy “How To Teach Creativity” as a printed book from Amazon USA, England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan or Canada.

Buy “How To Teach Creativity” as a digital book in Kindle from Amazon USA, England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Holland, Brazil, India or Australia.

Buy “How To Teach Creativity” as a digital book in Apple Books.

Kreativitetstræning – et værktøj til idegenerering (free toolkit)

This training material is designed as a Kickstarter to start practising creativity in the field of business development. It is designed as a mix-and-match booklet, where a wide variety of businesses, their primary products, secondary products, target group and strategy will be combined in new interesting and creative ways. It is a fun, engaging and inspirational training material that makes it easy to get started. It can easily be related to your own business development. I co-authored this training material with Søren Hansen, Michaela Holst and colleagues at The Confederation of Danish Industry.

Think Piece: New Perspectives for the Role of Creativity in Education (free scientific paper)

This think piece is based on the combined insights from several decades of research and practice in the field of creativity, communication of new ideas and educational design. It suggests that we may enter a new and more inclusive golden era in the history of mankind. In order for this to succeed the educational system will need to go beyond simply teaching creative process methods and creative techniques. It needs to systematically integrate holistic creativity curriculum as a fundamental component throughout all levels of education. It needs to define, explore, invent, experiment and disseminate approaches for holistic and systematic development of creative competences and creative confidence so that graduates will gain creativity as a second nature. I co-authored this paper with Patricia Núñez Gómez from Complutense University.

Development of New Business Models: Introducing the Cultural Elasticity Model (free scientific paper)

The paper presents the Cultural Elasticity Model as a new perspective on how existing companies may better perform continuous organic development of business models. It suggests three organisational pillars for the development of an organisation with strong cultural elasticity and therefore the ability to better innovate new business models.  I co-authored this paper with Anders Drejer, Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard and Hanne Merete Lassen.

Creativity “Pictionary” Game (free toolkit)

This board game is challenging and it seriously advances your creative skills. Simply playing the games will make you more creative. The game is designed to use in class or with friends and family. It is designed on a draw-and-guess platform, where each drawing is started by the opposing team. It has similarities to the normal Pictionary game, however, it is designed to advance creative skills. I invented this toolkit in 2017 and it was published by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in 2018.

Creativity “Ludo” Game (free toolkit)

This board game is engaging and it seriously advances your creative skills. Simply playing the games will make you more creative. The game is designed to use in class or with friends and family. It is designed on a race-to-win platform, where each idea count as a move forward on the board. It has similarities to the normal ludo board game, however, it is designed to advance creative skills. I invented this toolkit in 2017 and it was published by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in 2018.



Please join the mission to help world citizens regain their creative confidence and advance their creative skills. So that they can achieve a more meaningful life, become more inventive in their work and so that they can push forward humanity and solve the problems created and faced by the human race.