Course in New Thinking in higher education: Enhancing creativity through the means of training, theory and workshop (free scientific paper)

This paper presents a study on how a new (5 ECTS/2.5 American credit) stand-alone course for highereducation in new thinking may influence key aspects of creative abilities. The course structure and con-tent is based primarily on The Creative Platform with a focus on training, theory and workshop. The study uses the Torrance Test for Creative Thinking and a Reflection Report for Creativity Teaching to identify effects from the course. The results from the Torrance Test for Creative Thinking showed a significant increase in students’ ability in figural and verbal fluency, flexibility, figural and verbal originality, and elaboration as well as in resistance to premature closure. The results show no significant increase in stu-dents’ ability in the abstractness of titles. The results from the Reflection Report for Creativity Teaching showed that the majority of students experienced that they were capable of both developing understand-ing of creativity theory, becoming better at participating in a creative process as well as becoming better at generating and developing new ideas, thoughts and new knowledge. However, some students experi-enced problems especially related to creativity training. Implications and potentials of a combined focus on training, theory and workshop in creativity courses for higher education is discussed. The paper is co-authored with Søren Hansen.