Developing a Creative and Innovative Organisational Culture: Experiences from Continuous Embodied Creativity Training (free paper)

This study aims to explore the impact of continuous embodied creativity training on organisational creative and innovative culture in 5 Danish organisations. The study finds that trainees experience less resistance towards organisational change, stronger sense of community with colleagues, and a higher level of energy at work. The study also finds a hot-or-not attitude towards the training between trainees and non-trainees colleagues in the organisations. The paper presents examples of creativity training exercises used by the organisations and discusses the findings in relation to creative and innovative organisational culture. I co-authored this paper with Rune Osmundsen and Chaoying Tang. The paper was accepted and presented at the CICALICS conference in Beijing.

The Creative Platform “board game” (free toolkit)

Need a creative process, but don’t have a facilitator? No problem 🙂 

This game-like creativity toolkit takes you easy through a series of steps for problem definition, idea production and solution development. It was originally developed for a cross-disciplinary and cross-industrial network of business and product developers developing original new ideas in collaboration. However, it is useful for any teams who would like some structure on their creative process. The toolkit  contains the following:

  • Creativity training and energiser exercises
  • Facilitation board
  • Instruction guides
  • 5 different creativity tools for cognitive stimulation 
  • Problem definition cards
  • Project planning cards

I developed this game in collaboration with Søren Hansen and Anette Pihl Nielsen. It is freely available in Danish and can be downloaded here in two parts.

En ny agenda for entreprenørskabsforskningen: Dansk forskning i entreprenørielle muligheder (free scientific paper)

Hvad er en entreprenøriel mulighed? Og hvordan opstår den? Disse
to spørgsmål er omdrejningspunkt for et af de centrale temaer i forskningen om entreprenørskab. I denne artikel redegøres for de danske bidrag til denne debat. Disse udgør samlet konturerne til en dansk agenda for entreprenørskabsforskning. Denne tager udgangspunkt i en antagelse om, at muligheder skabes i dynamiske sociale interaktioner. Endvidere redegøres for begrænsningerne og udfordringerne for den danske agenda. Jeg co-authored denne artikel med Steffen Korsgaard, Claus Thrane, Per Blenker, Poul Rind Christensen, Jesper Piihl, Helle Neergaard og Toke Bjerregaard.

Original Business Modelling: Potential Roles of Creativity in Entrepreneurship Training (free conference paper)

This Business Model Conference papers aims to design a research method for studying potential meaningful roles creativity may take in entrepreneurship training. It suggests an experimental setup using a 30 ECTS entrepreneurship course at a Danish university for conducting the experiments and the data collection. It presents the entrepreneurship course components, teaching method and evaluation methods as well as the potential creativity experiments. It also presents the suggested data collection and analysis methods. Finally, it presents expected findings from the study. I co-authored this paper with Kristian Brøndum.