How To Teach Creativity (printed book, Kindle, Apple Books)

This book will help you kickstart creativity teaching in a systematic and holistic way. It provides a comprehensive hands-on practical introduction on how to teach creativity in all kinds of education, in all kinds of subjects and at all levels of education. The book goes way beyond the traditional simple methods and techniques for designing and facilitating creative processes and workshops. With this book you can:

  • Design creativity as a course on its own.
  • Integrate creativity teaching into existing subjects.
  • Prepare assignments and activities that foster creativity.
  • Practise individual and team creative process work. 
  • Develop creative learning environments.
  • Perform holistic evaluations of creativity.
  • Advance creativity so that it becomes second nature.

Kreativitetstræning – et værktøj til idegenerering (free toolkit)

This training material is designed as a Kickstarter to start practising creativity in the field of business development. It is designed as a mix-and-match booklet, where a wide variety of businesses, their primary products, secondary products, target group and strategy will be combined in new interesting and creative ways. It is a fun, engaging and inspirational training material that makes it easy to get started. It can easily be related to your own business development. I co-authored this training material with Søren Hansen, Michaela Holst and colleagues at The Confederation of Danish Industry.

Think Piece: New Perspectives for the Role of Creativity in Education (free scientific paper)

This think piece is based on the combined insights from several decades of research and practice in the field of creativity, communication of new ideas and educational design. It suggests that we may enter a new and more inclusive golden era in the history of mankind. In order for this to succeed the educational system will need to go beyond simply teaching creative process methods and creative techniques. It needs to systematically integrate holistic creativity curriculum as a fundamental component throughout all levels of education. It needs to define, explore, invent, experiment and disseminate approaches for holistic and systematic development of creative competences and creative confidence so that graduates will gain creativity as a second nature. I co-authored this paper with Patricia Núñez Gómez from Complutense University.

Development of New Business Models: Introducing the Cultural Elasticity Model (free scientific paper)

The paper presents the Cultural Elasticity Model as a new perspective on how existing companies may better perform continuous organic development of business models. It suggests three organisational pillars for the development of an organisation with strong cultural elasticity and therefore the ability to better innovate new business models.  I co-authored this paper with Anders Drejer, Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard and Hanne Merete Lassen.

Creativity “Pictionary” Game (free toolkit)

This board game is challenging and it seriously advances your creative skills. Simply playing the games will make you more creative. The game is designed to use in class or with friends and family. It is designed on a draw-and-guess platform, where each drawing is started by the opposing team. It has similarities to the normal Pictionary game, however, it is designed to advance creative skills. I invented this toolkit in 2017 and it was published by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in 2018.