The Creative Platform (book)

Unlimited knowledge application for pupils in schools? Yes, this book presents a hands-on approach for facilitating students to apply far more of their knowledge, experience and general memory as part of creative processes. I developed the concept of The Creative Platform and co-authored this both with Søren Hansen.

In the book you will find a conceptual introduction to The Creative Platform including its foundational pillars of task focus, parallel thinking, horizontal thinking and no-experienced judgement. It also gives you a step-by-step guide on how to start up facilitating your own pupils in highly engaging, fun and serious creative processes related to any problem or subject in the school.

Get the English version via Google Play now.

The Creative Platform “board game” (free toolkit)

Need a creative process, but don’t have a facilitator? No problem 🙂 

This game-like creativity toolkit takes you easy through a series of steps for problem definition, idea production and solution development. It was originally developed for a cross-disciplinary and cross-industrial network of business and product developers developing original new ideas in collaboration. However, it is useful for any teams who would like some structure on their creative process. The toolkit  contains the following:

  • Creativity training and energiser exercises
  • Facilitation board
  • Instruction guides
  • 5 different creativity tools for cognitive stimulation 
  • Problem definition cards
  • Project planning cards

I developed this game in collaboration with Søren Hansen and Anette Pihl Nielsen. It is freely available in Danish and can be downloaded here in two parts.